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Facing Pain, Grief and Loss? What You Don’t know Can Hurt You

There are many faces of pain, grief and loss. Every person will, in some way, face these challenges again and again. For many, the transition through these experiences  marks the end of something old and the potential for something new. Yet the despair, upset and difficulty these events bring can feel depleting at best and debilitating at worst. Many, people become stuck in this difficult transition, where the past is gone and the potential of the future never seems to come. Without the necessary inner and outer resources, true potential is thwarted.

It’s All About You Therapy is a counseling and consulting company based in Whitby, Ontario. Providing Counselling (face to face & and on-line Skype), Teen Counselling and Hypnosis. I specialize in providing resources for individuals, families and companies. In fact, I believe that inner and outer resources are the most powerful tools any person can possess when facing the overwhelming challenges of pain, grief, trauma or loss. The fact that these challenges show up in our lives is both natural and inevitable. Yet, what is most often misunderstood and overlooked is that lack of effective resources can actually make those situations worse by compounding negative patterns, increasing discord as well feelings of being stuck, suffering and trauma.

Helping individuals, groups and companies learn the art of maximizing inner and outer resources is what I do best and I provide a wide variety of tools and methods to do just that! The potential of any life or difficult situation is yet to be discovered. You will learn how to access the spark and the purpose and momentum needed to foster well being! Let us show you how!

Faith is taking the first step, even though you do not see the whole staircase…

To find out how to access your potential, please visit one of our services pages to get in touch with your inner and outer resources.

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