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Hypnosis: How powers of the mind can heal the body!


Are you grieving the loss of a loved one, grappling with an unexpected situation such as losing a job, having a partner leave, not getting recognition at work or home?

We can help you reacquire your inner resources and provide you some outer resources so you can continue to come to grips with life and whatever “curve balls” it has thrown at you.

Who’s in control?

It literally is mind over matter: the subconscious mind controls the body totally, under the sometimes questionable control of the conscious mind. The subconscious however is most akin to a five year-old, so dealing with it can be tricky. So who is in control? You are at all times.

Hypnosis puts you into a very relaxed state so that the subconscious mind can be communicated with directly, allowing us to focus its efforts and attention.

What can we achieve?

A myriad of beneficial effects, such as removing limiting beliefs (i.e.: I’m not worthy, not good enough), getting rid of such negative emotions as anger or fear. By removing negative emotions, we can also impact the body itself, relieving chronic pains and illnesses. Emotions tend to be stored at various points in the body and impact the body by appearing as chronic pain.

While being guided into a hypnotic state, YOU are always in control! You can “wake” yourself up at any in time and you will never be made to quack like a duck!

What Can We Help With?

Here is a short list of how hypnosis can help you:

  • stress release
  • weight loss
  • stop smoking
  • anger management
  • replacing self-limiting beliefs

Please contact us for more information or to book an appointment.

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