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I am a Certified Master Hypnotist. My background is in computer programming, a tow truck driver and 9 year military career.

In time, unsatisfied with these professions, I realized I was wanting to be of service to people. Having been involved in accidents myself, I know the trauma and stress that can occur. It was then  I decided to learn more about hypnosis to help people overcome their issues. My work in hypnotherapy complements my wife Yvonne’s practice of Counselling.

As life progresses  many challenges  need to be overcome, not everyone consciously knows the way.  The subconscious however does, and it is here that hypnotism comes into play.

As well as assisting you in reducing stress and the effects of trauma.  I can also assist you in areas where life has thrown you a “curve ball” and in dodging it, your life path has been lost.

Since I become a hypnotist, there is no better feeling then that of watching someone realize their goals or ridding themselves of negative behaviours, belief and issues.

Is it possible to use the powers of the mind to heal the body? A resounding YES!

If you would like to take the next step I invite you to view our services.