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We offer workshops on a variety of relevant topics, as well as support groups to assist you in tapping into your inner resources. This is also a great way to connect with others and share experiences. Contact us for more details.

Workshops – All classes are $30.00

Grief and Loss

Self-help Essentials: 90 Minutes

Journaling your Memories: 90 Minutes/ 4 class series

Grief, Loss and Depression: 90 Minutes

Remembering and Rituals: 90 Minutes

Tree of Life: 90 Minutes

Myths, Misunderstanding and Messages of Grief: 90 Minutes

Paths to Healing & Preparing for Grief: 90 Minutes


Types of Trauma: 60 Minutes

Strategies for Resolving the Impact of Post-Traumatic Stress: 90Minutes

Trauma, the Body and the Brain: 90Minutes

Trauma and Memory: 90Minutes

Meditation& Breathing: 60Minutes


Sudden Physical Pain & Chronic Pain


The Relationship of Grief or Trauma to Physical Pain: 90 Minutes

Can Addressing our Grief or Trauma Impact our Chronic Pain: 90Minutes

Powerful, Fun, Easy Movements to Release Pain: 60Minutes/5 Class series


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